We are a top pest control services company covering all areas of the capital, call us on 020 3519 3001 or email us at info@londonpestcontroladvice.co.uk

We are a very experienced pest control services company and cover all areas of the capital.

We can offer you:

  • Expert free advice by phone or email on how to best sort out your problem
  • A free site visit to evaluate your pest problem and advise on how to sort it out
  • A professional and prompt resolution of your problem to get rid of your pests
  • Proofing services to stop your pests reappearing
  • Competitive pricing

call us on 020 3519 3001 or email us at info@londonpestcontroladvice.co.uk

Types of pest control we deal with

Domestic pest control

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Outbuildings
  • Attics
  • Tower Blocks
  • Caravans & Boats

Commercial pest control

  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Local Councils
  • Schools
  • Agriculture
  • Food Production

If you have a problem with pest control in London please get in touch with us on 020 3519 3001 or email us at info@londonpestcontroladvice.co.uk

We can get rid of the following pests for you

  • Mice – the most common pest problem and found in many residential and commercial properties. They tend to live in wall cavities and under floorboards. They are fast breeding and can spread disease, and cause damage by chewing through cables
  • Rats – In London you’re never far from a rat, but generally they are less or a problem than mice and live mainly in sewers. However if they do make an appearance they can be a more unpleasant and possibly dangerous problem.
  • Pigeons – are often described as flying rats because in a similar way to rats they spread disease, particularly via their droppings which contain dangerous bacteria
  • Moths – the main two types of moth are the clothes moth and the food moth, and both can cause significant problems in London, where they can contaminate your food and eat their way through your clothes
  • Cockroaches – a particularly unpleasant and difficult to get rid of pest. In London the main two types of roaches are the German and oriental cockroach
  • Squirrels – they usually stay away from where humans live so are not big spreaders of disease but they can cause damage by eating their way through cables.
  • Ants – The main two types of ant found in London are the Garden ant which infests gardens and The Pharoahs ant which causes indoor problems
  • Bed bugs – can develop in huge numbers in beds, feed on blood and cause skin irritations in humans
  • Woodworm – extremely small but can also be very destructive to buildings in London
  • Moles – can cause extensive damage in gardens
  • Rabbits – can also be very destructive in more rural areas of London
  • Wasps – aren’t generally a big problem unless they arrive in large numbers, you should be able to sort the problem out yourself, unless there is a nest of wasps
  • Bees – you certainly shouldn’t try to take on a swarm of bees on your own or you’re likely to get badly stung
  • Fleas – are often found on pets, particularly cats and dogs and can cause skin problems on humans.

call us on 020 3519 3001 or email us at info@londonpestcontroladvice.co.uk